Employee Engagement - Mission to Grow: A Small Business Guide to Cash, Compliance, and the War for Talent - Episode #87

This week on Mission to Grow, Mike Vannoy sits down with Mary Simmons, VP of HR Compliance, Learning and Development at Asure! Mike and Mary discuss various strategies to engage employees and improve productivity, which in turn accelerates business growth. They focus on training as a vital aspect of employee engagement, emphasizing its importance for skill enhancement. Learn from Mary as she shares the importance of employee wellness initiatives, mission alignment, and how they affect employee engagement. It’s an insightful episode you don’t want to miss!
  • Offering training engages employees because it demonstrates employer investment in their professional development. Both soft skills, like better communication, team building, and hard skills, like technical abilities, are important areas of training. 
  • Career pathing encourages employee engagement by providing a trajectory for their professional development. It’s advised to create a structure or roadmap showing potential advancements or career opportunities within the organization. This path could comprise promotions, additional training, or even cross-departmental experiences.
  • Wellness programs or initiatives significantly impact the engagement of employees. Providing resources addressing physical, mental, and financial wellness is crucial. An engaged workforce is undeniably more productive, leading these wellness initiatives to indirectly contribute to the overall business' success.
  • Ensuring employees understand and align with the company's mission can drive employee engagement. Employees who feel connected with the mission typically demonstrate higher productivity. It is crucial for leaders and communicators to consistently communicate the organization's mission and how individual roles contribute to achieving it.
  • With the changing work environment, offering flexible or remote work options can boost employee engagement. However, it does bring about the need for proactive communication and employee collaboration efforts, such as regular video meet-ups and virtual team activities.
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  • “When your staff are connected, they work better and productivity goes up.” - Mary Simmons 
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Mike Vannoy
Mike Vannoy
Mike is a digital-first marketing executive with 25 years dedicated to helping HR companies thrive. As a board member of an AI software company and Chief Marketing Officer at Asure, he's been at the forefront of AI, HR compliance trends, and the changing demographics that shape today's marketplace. Under his leadership at Sales Engine Media, the company predominantly focused on the payroll, HR, and benefits industries, earning multiple spots on the Inc5000 list. Actively involved in multiple small businesses, Mike is a lifelong entrepreneur adept at navigating the changing workforce dynamics. He has held multiple executive roles at industry-leading HR firms, showcasing his expertise and leadership in the sector.
Employee Engagement - Mission to Grow: A Small Business Guide to Cash, Compliance, and the War for Talent - Episode #87
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